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Composer: Hobbs, Joshua
Number of Trumpets: 7
Key: Eb Minor concert
Duration: 6 minutes
Difficulty: 7
A solo for B-flat trumpet (double on flugelhorn) with a six-part trumpet ensemble as accompaniment. Tempestas is the Roman goddess of storms. Hobbs was inspired by Hurricane Irma and says that this piece has the intensity to depict the storm's ferocity yet elicits as well the awe of the massive power of nature. The solo parts requires a range up to E-natural, but is otherwise not terrifically difficult. Accompaniment parts are rated 4's and 5's in difficulty. Some very interesting Harmon mute effects are employed in this piece. A really cool piece to show off your strongest player with fellow trumpeters creating the backup.
ITG Journal, June 2020, page 80:
"...a unique addition to the trumpet ensemble repertoire...well suited for a strong soloist and trumpet ensemble in collegiate or professional trumpet ensembles. The use of cup, Harmon, and plunger mutes, as well the flugelhorn in the solo part, help create a variety of colors that aid in the storytelling."
- William London
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