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TRIPLO PRESS, conceived by James Olcott in 1988 and officially established in 1991, publishes exclusively, except for the Companion Series, music for trumpet ensembles with its mission and goal stated on the front page of the company's website:
"The primary mission and goal of Triplo Press is the issuance of trumpet ensemble music of the highest musical quality which follows the criteria of realistic accessibility within the given grade level and offers the player and audience alike a positive musical experience."
To date the Triplo Press catalog contains over 225 works, ranging from three to 36 trumpets, that encompass all genres and difficulties and feature composers from around the world from the Renaissance to young and upcoming stars. Triplo Press has been highly praised over the years for the quality and scope of its publications.
"It all began," says Jim, "with my wanting to give my students some quality experience in working as a section. There were very few quality works for multiple trumpets on the market at that time, so I tried my hand at writing and arranging. Exposure of these pieces at concerts and masterclasses created interest from friends and colleagues, and it was not long before I was making copies of the pieces for them. I am uncertain if actually publishing the pieces was my own or someone else's idea, but the actual act of publishing, which involves all sorts of areas, including writing, arranging and transcribing, editing, page and publication layout, graphic design, print and pdf considerations, was a great deal of fun and an ongoing challenge for me. It continues to be an intense pleasure to hear and see the publications used and enjoyed."
"I am delighted that the genre has taken hold around the globe, and there are many, many new, transcribed and arranged works now available to the general public. I am very proud to be a part of the trumpet ensemble's growth and acceptance as a viable and exciting performance and pedagogical entity."
The vast amount of the recorded examples on the Triplo Press website are overdubs by James Olcott (163 of the 190 total recordings as of the beginning of 2024). Recordings done by other entities are acknowledged in the descriptions of the specific publications. The site also includes nine recordings of works not in the Triplo catalogue and four "freebies", all but Taps recorded by Jim just for the fun of it.
Triplo Press's name, incidentally, is derived from the first letters of Jim's last name and, until his retirement, his home town of Oxford, Ohio: triple "O" condensed. It also allows the abbreviation of TRP.

About Dorian Mohar

Dorian Mohar, took over Triplo Press in 2024, continuing the tradition of its founder, James Olcott. He has been working closely with Olcott for several years, and was entrusted with the legacy and vision of Triplo Press. He continues to uphold the standards and mission of Triplo Press, while also expanding its catalog and reach. He has added new recordings and videos of Triplo Press publications, and has introduced new works by contemporary composers and arrangers. He also maintains a strong online presence and engages with the trumpet community through this website, YouTube channel, and social media. He is committed to making Triplo Press the leading source of trumpet ensemble music in the world..
TMTFor five years, Dorian served as a Music Director and a lead/solo trumpet performer aboard Carnival Cruise Lines. His musical prowess graced the decks of cruise ships, delighting audiences from diverse backgrounds and cultures. After earning his music education degree from Rowan University, Dorian’s passion for music led him to pursue a master’s degree in Trumpet Performance at Miami University of Ohio. This rigorous training equipped him with both technical mastery and an artistic sensibility essential for captivating performances. During his time at Miami, Dorian had the privilege of studying with Jim Olcott, where they shared a mutual interest in the realm of trumpet ensemble music. Inspired by these experiences, Dorian relocated to Massachusetts, continuing his freelance trumpet performances and teaching. He founded Too Much Trumpet, a groundbreaking model for community trumpet ensembles. His Massachusetts chapter, comprising over 50 dedicated trumpeters, fostered a deep love for both the trumpet and community. With the addition of Triplo Press to his journey, Dorian aspires to spread the joy of community trumpet ensembles wherever his travels take him!

About James Olcott

James L. Olcott, the founder of Triplo Press, is a native of Berkeley, California. Prior his faculty appointment at Miami University (Ohio) in 1978 he taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Fort Hays State University (Kansas). He served for 25 years as principal trumpet of the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra and the Middletown (Ohio) Symphony Orchestra, and has had previous experience in that role with the Tidewater Music Festival (Maryland), the Peter Britt Music Festival (Oregon), the International Festival at Round-Top, Texas, among others. His orchestral background also includes performances with the San Francisco Opera and Ballet Companies and the Metropolitan Opera Company (New York).
TCTEcrestHe is an active free-lance trumpeter and performs professionally throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in large and small group settings in jazz and classical idioms. In addition, he founded and was the music director of the Cincinnati Herald Trumpet Ensemble, and is now doing the same thing in Minneapolis with the founding in 2014 of the 24-trumpet-strong Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble.
He is also active as a composer and arranger. His compositions and arrangements have been published by Crown Music Press of Chicago, Tromba Publications of Denver, as well as Triplo Press which lists over 60 original, trascribed, and arranged compositions of his in its catalogue. He is also an active member of the International Trumpet Guild, the group for which he has served terms as secretary, vice president, and president. In 2005 he was a recipient of the organizations's Award of Merit.
From 1979 to 2008 Olcott was a member of the faculty of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Twin Lake, Michigan, where he taught, performed as principal trumpet with, and conducted student and faculty jazz ensembles. From 1982 to 2008 he was involved as conductor of the camp's International Jazz Ensemble for its three-week European tours to Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands, and served as a member of the Blue Lake in Bavaria faculty as director of its international jazz ensemble.
At Miami University he conducted Miami's internationally recognized trumpet ensemble and, of course, taught trumpet. He was also the founder of Miami's annual Southwestern Ohio High School Jazz Festival, which celebrated its 30th year in 2008. For his work with the jazz festival, he was honored by the City of Oxford, with April 7, 2008 being officially named James L. Olcott Jazz Day in Oxford by proclamation by the city's mayor.
In 1993, he became increasingly involved with website design and was responsible for the websites for the Miami University Department of Music until his retirement in 2013.
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, to where he and his wife, Vera, moved directly after his retirement, Olcott quickly became involved in the musical scene of the area and continues to perform, conduct, write, and record.
  • Professor of Trumpet, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio USA, 1979-2013
  • Assistant Professor of Trumpet, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 1978-1979
  • Associate Professor of Trumpet, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas, 1968-1978
  • M.M., Trumpet Performance, Manhattan School of Music, 1968
  • B.M., Trumpet Performance and Music Education, San Francisco State University, 1966
  • Recipient, A.K. Morris Alumni Award, Miami University Alumni Association, 2011
  • Recipient, Award of Merit, International Trumpet Guild (ITG), 2005
  • Runner-Up, Crossan Hays Curry Distinguished Educator, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2004
  • President, International Trumpet Guild, 1999-2001
    • Member, ITG Board of Directors, 2003-2015
    • Member, ITG Journal Editorial Review Committee, 2003-present
    • Coordinator, ITG CD Projects, 2004-2013
    • Coordinator, Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition, 2005-2010
Teachers include William Adam, Joseph Alessi, Sr., Edwin Betts, Mel Broiles, Cecil Collins, Robert Hansen, Donald Reinberg, and William Vacchiano.
"I love your stuff and have used several of your pieces in the past... thanks for sharing your talent. Your music has brought me a lot of enjoyment and quite honestly helped me learn a new skill with the multitrack stuff." - Captain Nick Helms, Salvation Army Adminstration, Denver, Colorado, USA)
"... and I can't say enough how great it is to have so much great trumpet music in one easily accessible spot. Almost my whole library of trumpet ensemble music has come from your website." - Aaron Hutson (Asst. Director of Bands, Bixby Public Schools, Bixby, Oklahoma, USA)
"James L. Olcott is a qualified musician who is at home in almost all fields of music. The projects he touches he masters with flying colors!" - Wolfgang Hass (Wolfgang G Haas Musikverlag Köln e. K.)
"You do such great work with this website! Your music is always of great quality! I should know I’ve bought quite a lot of it! Thanks for sending the part so promptly!" - Andrew Plamondon (Senior Lecturer in Brass and Jazz, Eastern Washington University)
"..also, I wanted to thank you, as always, for a great website, full of really excellent pieces. It's so nice to be able to go there the night before class, and be able to find some great stuff to download and print instantly, all for very reasonable rates." - Tina Erickson (Lecturer of Trumpet, University of Tennessee)
"What I forgot to say (in my note to you) was how glad I am that I found Triplo Press while looking for trumpet ensemble music for a middle school level honors festival. And the tunes I purchased from Triplo Press where a huge success with both the students and the audience" - Eric Anderson (Director of Bands emeritus, Keene (NH) High School.)